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Bears Lake - Februari-verslag 2015

Goed nieuws voor de liefhebbers van het gebruik van een roeiboot: er is er eentje aangeschat op Bears Lake. Charlie schrijft ons het volgende:


With poor weather and the ongoing work to do around the lake I have had very little opportunity to fish. In fact I only managed two short afternoon sessions this month. This yielded one hooked fish which I subsequently lost at the net. It was a good fish and certainly a mid 30. Before this point I had been on a great run of 37 landed and no losses. Amazing how one loss can really dent your confidence!

Lake Management

We are now in the final stages of the work to improve the far bank margin. This has proven to be a much bigger job than was first envisaged but has been well worth it. For the carp, the far bank habitat has been improved whilst for the anglers, access along this bank either for stalking or baiting will now be much easier. This work will also ensure the long-term stability of this bank.
With regards to the fish, we have just ordered 2 tons of feed pellet. This will be introduced to the lake once the water temperature improves and will then be fed through to the late-autumn. It is a much higher quality pellet than has been fed at the lake previously and provides carp with everything they need to grow and to remain healthy. We are very excited to see the benefits that this will bring to the fish. A very noticeable aspect to the current stock is that many of the 30’s are big 30’s in the 36-39lb category. Likewise, a number of our 40’s are also now close to 50lb and appear to have the potential to grow much bigger. We therefore hope that this improved feed will see both an improvement in the average size of the fish but also a significant increase in the number of 40lb+ fish in the lake.

New Season

As I write this, we are less than a month from the start of the season. Our first anglers arrive for a 10 day trip on March 30th. As it will be our first full season at the lake we are really looking forward to getting underway and to welcoming the first guests.
In preparation for the season, we have just ordered some new equipment for the lake. Specific to carp care, all of our mats and slings are being replaced. We have opted for the new Large Mack2 Cocoon Mats which are a superb product which will provide better protection for our carp and make it easier for our anglers to deal with large carp on the bank.
For the comfort of our anglers we have also ordered new day chairs. These are again Mack2 and are the new Level Accurate Flesh chairs. They are extremely comfortable and are of a more upright design making them very easy to get out of. Our current chairs are of the more traditional lower design and will remain available for those who prefer this style.
Finally, we have purchased a new boat for the lake. This is to help us with our ongoing lake work but will also be available for anglers who want to use it for baiting up or placing baits etc. It is a Barque Armor 250 which is a very stable boat which is the perfect size for Bears Lake.
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