Bekijk de vangsten van Ribière van eind mei 2017!

Geplaatst door Bas van Klaveren op 02-06-2017

Het is heerlijk weer op Ribière om eens goed bruin te worden... maar dat mag de pret niet drukken voor de vissers, want de karpers azen redelijk goed door. Eigenaar David schrijft ons het volgende:

The Carp Specialist - Karpervissen op betaalwater Ribière!

The weather over the last few weeks has got decidedly hot and the fish spawned big time at Ribiere. It’s taken the fish a little time to come on the boil but as ever patience was the key. Sometimes, you just have to sit on your hands and wait. Nothing for three days then they just switched on. Keith Cochrane from Birmingham fishing peg 3, was one of those who benefited with a run of big fish all spawned out. He landed three over 50lb in 24 hours of madness and then followed it up with a nice run of 40lb fish. He landed two of the A team in Black Spot at 53lb and Three Scale at 52lb both well down after spawning.  Keith used a mix of large and small baits and baited a wide area to get the fish feeding confidently. 

The Carp Specialist - Karpervissen op betaalwater Ribière!

Dominic Turner from North London also had a steady session landing 10 fish from peg 5. Most of his fish came early morning from the centre of the lake over 3-5kg of bait applied each day. Unfortunately, the fishing gods where not kind to him and most of his fish were 30lb his best 38lb. Fishing in peg 6 was first time visitor to Ribiere Roger Spendiff who banked some nice fish to mid 40lb using Ribiere Gold boilies. 

The Carp Specialist - Karpervissen op betaalwater Ribière!

In peg 8 and 9 English pair Brett Derrick and his friend from London, landed ten fish mostly 30lb and some spawned out 40lb fish but the prize was ‘Brian’ one of the big females at 61.8lb spawned out. This capped off a great week for the boys, who last year also managed to catch one of the 60lb fish. The lads fished over a wide scattering of bait 5kg per day and fished the nights only. Peg 8,9 are certainly racking up the big fish at Ribiere this year with Alex at 71lb from peg 8 in April and one of the Big Common’s at 56.8lb also out of 9 this year.

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