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David & Paul vangen prachtige winterkarpers op het Domaine des Iles - Back Lake!

Onze Engelse vismaten David Elford & Paul Wheeler zijn vaste bezoekers van Domaine des Iles. Dit keer weten ze een paar dagen vrij te nemen van hun werk en eind februari af te reizen voor een korte sessie op het Back Lake. Onderstaand vindt u het verslag van hun succesvolle wintersessie!
It was the last few days of February when I had to take 2 days holiday from work and after a quick chat with Bernard on the Monday we found out that the lake was just thawing after the latest cold snap that we had received, therefor hastilly the Ferry was booked for the early hours of Thursday morning. Finishing work on Wednesday night I felt like a kid in a toyshop as I loaded up the car to drive to Paul's, it was the first time fishing in quite some time due to an incredibly busy year at work and moving house. We arrived at the lake in the early hours and went to bed knowing we had a busy day the next, going to the supermarket to stock up and then to Bernards for lunch. We had a fantastic afternoon at Bernards (thank you very much for the Lobster, it was a 1st for me), and made our way back to set up in the back lake lodge as the evening approached. We finally got set up at about 10pm and then waited until 6:15am when the 1st rod roared off, which Paul played with little problem until it reached the bank and caught on a branch, which is when we could see tt was a decent fish, Paul coaxed it away from the branch and I slid the net under the 1st fish of the trip, 46lb 12oz of lovely chestnut coloured mirror. Happy - I should say so :)
When me and Paul fish abroad we allways take the runs in turn so now it was my turn on the rods and I did not have long to wait to get my first carp on the bank, as we started to float fish for some roach I just noticed my rod tip knock slightly from the corner of my eye, so I wound down and hit into a fish which after a very spirited fight went 23lb, another mirror. Over the next few hours Paul banked a 29lb 12ox common which I folllowed with a 26lb grass carp.
That evening Bernard came down with a pot of mussels which we ate in the warmth of the Lodge. The night was quiet until 3am when me and Paul both caught a stockie, both commons.
In the moring Paul caught another 23lb mirror and in the night I caught a 28lb common.
We where due to pack up at 9am, and I woke at 6am thinking that the 40 tree had not prudced a 40 this weekend and it was Pauls turn on the( rods and I was hoping that he was going to pop to the loo in case it roared off with a last gasp fish - that is the exact scenario what happened the last time we fished this swim and I had a forty on his turn), at 6:15am the rod roared off and Paul landed another 40, this time at 41lb 8oz - I should have put the laxative in his tea this time!
As allways our 2 day/ 3 nighter had run its course in too quick a time, but we finished with 9 carp which included two forties so we where exremelly happy, especially as the carp where still not very active yet.
Thank you Bernard and Odile for over 15 years of your hospitality since I caught my first ever fish over forty pounds from Domaine des iles.
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