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Een weekje karpervissen vanuit de Main Lodge op Domaine des Iles...

Met Pasen was Darren Knight, één van onze vaste Engelse gasten, een weekje op Domaine des Iles. Samen met zijn familie beviste hij de stekken 1-4 vanuit de Main Lodge. Een prachtstek, die vooral tijdens de koudere periodes van het jaar zeer productief kan zijn. Darren, die Domaine des Iles op zijn duimpje kent, wist deze sessie een prachtresultaat neer te zetten waarover hij onderstaand vertelt:
Bonjour Bas & Bernard,

Well its that time of year again when we have just returned home from our annual family trip to DDI.

We arrived on Easter Friday and stayed for 7 days. I know the back lake was fishing well, because my son Jack had recommended DDI to some of friends of his, who fished it for the 1st time the week before we arrived. They had 16 carp in total, including a 38lb & a 48lb and so well done to Charlie and Ed Russell.
Easter can be a strange time of year to fish, as the dates vary from year to year. 5 years ago we had light snow and heavy frost, last year we had brilliant sunshine and warm evenings. This year we had everything, apart from snow. Over the full 7 days, we had sunshine, torrential rain, hail, strong northerly winds, that changed to weak southerly winds, millpond conditions, a slight early morning frost, full moon and 1/2 moon. But even though the conditions were far from ideal, we still had another great trip.
For the first 3 days, the fishing was very slow and during that period, Sam and I only managed 1 fish each from the main lake. (technically I caught both, but that's a whole different story). I took myself off stalking and managed to take 3 x 20's ( up to 26lb) from the channels.

Around 4pm on Monday it started raining hard and didn't let up for 24 hrs. My Bivvy got washed out and some French anglers who were fishing 19 & 20 packed up and went home on Tuesday morning. My estimate would be between 5cm - 7cm of rain mixed with strong north winds. The rain lasted the rest of the week on and off, but it was after this heavy 24hr down pour, that the fishing really picked up. Around 5pm on the Tuesday Sam had a run on his middle rod that resulted in a new PB. a 53lb 8oz Common. A beautiful fish with a cluster of dark scales on its flank. That's his 2nd 50lb fish and so far he has beat his PB every year since 2007. 39lb 12oz - 42lb - 48lb 8oz - 50lb and now 53lb 8oz. Well done son!
My fishing really started on Wednesday. During the early hours of the morning I had a 31lb 8oz common, followed at 6am with a 37lb 8oz Mirror. At 6pm I had a strange take close to the pads, which felt like I was reeling in a fish and part of a snag, but once it got into open water the line seemed to free itself and the fight began. It was raining again and I was playing the fish in just a hoodie and combats. After about 15 minutes I managed to slip the net underneath it and left it in the water whilst I changed into some water proofs. Once I lifted the net out of the water, I felt its weight and realized it was a nice fish. Once un-hooked and weighed the scales settled on 41lb 8oz. To say I was pleased was an understatement. Its my ambition / personal goal to catch a forty at every weight and I've never had a 41 before.
As so many fish come out of the margins at DDI, its so nice to drop a rig out in open water and turn down the tension on the reel clutch. Around midnight I had a real screamer from the open water rod. A real single tone run, that's a pleasure for any angler to listen to. After a few powerful lunges the common was safely in the net and again I was struggling to carry it to the unhooking mat. It weighed in at 45lb and even though I've had a 45lb before, I was truly made up with such a beautiful fish. Sam did the honors with the camera and Mr. 45 was safely returned to the lake.
My final fish of the trip was a powerful 35lb Mirror that came from under the willow next to the channel. The rig had been out in the lake for almost a full 3 days when the take came 3.30am.
Considering our poor start and changeable weather conditions, our final tally was as follows.

1 x 50 @ 53lb 8oz
2 x 40's up to 45lb
6 x 30's up to 37lb 8oz
4 x 20's up to 26lb
See you again in October.

Darren Knight
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