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Het laatste karpernieuws van Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - week 26 juli t/m 9 augustus 2014

Een vangstverslag van 2 weken deze keer van Simon:
26 July - 2 August
"Lac Serreire was fished by Richard & Louis McQuade, Mark James and Stuart from the UK. 30 carp were landed with the largest two fish to Stuart in the Island swim with mirrors of 58lb (26.4kg) and 46lb (21kg). Mark landed 16 fish from the Shallows swim and Richard & Louis had 9 from the Woods swim. The fish were caught mainly over beds of boilies and pellets but fishing with balanced particles on the rigs to avoid any attention from nuisance fish. The biggest fish came, as usual, from the open water areas being fished. On Badgers Holt, the fishing continued to be tricky with many fish showing and a lot of feeding activity but no fish landed. The natural food again seemed to keep the fish quite preoccupied. Latest news.... After just an hour or two of fishing the lads on this week had a 50 (23kg) from the woods swim yesterday afternoon! Great start to the week! Full information will be provided in the next catch report next weekend."
2 - 9 August
"Etienne Duits and his fishing partner from The Netherlands fished Badgers Holt for the week and landed 4 mirrors to 24kg (52lb 13oz). The fishing was tricky again but with perseverance it was possible to land some stunning fish. Steve and Joan Briggs are on Badgers Holt this week and had a great start with a 47lb (21kg) mirror this morning. Full report will follow next weekend. On Lac Serreire, David Liburn, Barbara, Phil, Phil, Mick and Brett from Belfast had a good week with 20 fish landed including mirrors of 62lb (28.3kg), 50lb (23kg), 49lb (22.6kg), 47lb (21.5kg) & 45lb (20.5kg). The fish were caught mainly from the shallow areas of the lake in 50-70cm of water over big beds of 16mm & 10mm Coppens carp pellets. The 50lb mirror was caught from the Woods swim after about 1 hour of arriving on Saturday! The lads also caught a cracking 42lb (19.4kg) common from the Woods swim. The catch included breaking PBs 8 times throughout the week!! Congratulations and see you next year!"
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