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Het laatste karpernieuws van Domaine de la Ribière - April 2016

Het 'maandnieuws' van Domaine de la Ribière van april is binnen. Lees het eens rustig door, al is het een hele waslijst... wat opvalt: de vis groeit en is kerngezond, het beheer door David is uitstekend en Ribière valt in de smaak bij onze vaste gasten. Absoluut een aanrader dus!
The last few weeks have been great fishing at Ribiere. The weather finally settled down a little, although it's still cold at night. The water temperature is creeping up now around 15 degrees and I expect that it will get close to 18/20 degrees during the next week or so with some sustained warm weather on the way. The highlight of the last week or so has been the capture of Alex at 72lb. This was part of an eight fish capture for Thomas Kamin who was fishing peg 8. He backed Alex up with the 'Two Tone' fish at 58lb (second time out) and some stunning 30lb and 40lb fish. What a week for Thomas! And a great guy all round. The same week on peg 9 was René van der Horst who also had three over 40lb and a 50lb fish. This week turned into a very good week with lots of fish out from all over the lake. In particular Colin and Neville Wright - regulars at Ribiere - had three over 50lb and a good number of 40lb fish to 47lb. James Todd, peg 3, also had some nice fish with seven fish to 45lb. This week alone did over 50 fish with four over 50lb and Alex at 72lb. The week before was also a cracking week with six over 50lb and a new 62lb fish, saving a blank and setting a new PB for our Dutch angler and on the last morning of his trip. We have struggled to find a picture of this fish but thanks to Arian Hogendoorn we have tracked it down to last capture in 2013 at 59lb. But it was Remy Drummen who caught my eye fishing peg 6. He had a great result with three over 50lb smashing his PB twice in a few days. (18.0 kg / 39.6 lbs - 23.2 kg (PB1) / 51 lb -18.1 kg / 40 lbs - 14.1 kg / 31 lbs - 23.2 kg / 51 lbs - 23.6 kg (PB2) / 52 lbs - 20.1 kg / 44 lbs - 23.0 kg / 50 lbs). I think this was great fishing. Again this is not seen as a favoured peg, but it can be if you fish it right. As I write, Shimano Team Tribal have just completed an impressive week, banking 46 fish between the three of them. 11 of these were 40lb+ to 49lb, three over 50lb to 56.8lb and a 64lb. Most of the fish coming to zigs. Gary Covell and his mate, Dan, also had a storming week. Gary had to sit on his hands for a couple of days but his heavily baited area produced 16 fish, nine 40lb+ to 49lb and two 50s including 'Black Spot' at 56lb. I am trying to keep a full log of captures but finding it difficult when I am not on site, so numbers are not quite 100 percent but here is my best estimate so far this year (roughly eight weeks) - 11x20lb - 45x30lb - 57x40lb - 20x50lb - 2x60lb - 1x72lb total 136. Average weights seem up to mid 40lb. We still have not had any of the bigger 60lb fish out yet.

May/June Spawning - fish care

At some point towards the end of May or early June the fish will start to spawn. This can take a few weeks depending on the weather. This year, we have set aside what was peg 10 for the fish to go and try to spawn. We have roped this area off and we will be using some spawn traps to aid the fish deposit their eggs on soft material. In the past they have not had a free area to go and end up bashing and beating themselves up all over the lake. So we don’t know if this will be a success, but we ask you not to fish in this area and to leave the fish alone in 9 if they start to spawn. If you are in peg 9 during spawning then I will speak to you directly. We also intend to feed the fish in this area to aid recovery. We will be feeding Ribiere Gold and a high nutritional pellet to aid speedy recovery. Any fish you catch after spawning with significant damage should be kept safely in your flotation sling and inspected by either myself or Michel before it is put back. If you have fish with cuts or damage to tails then they must be treated. Again hold them in slings.

Fish Care

I know you must be getting fed up with me but please focus totally on the care of the fish when on the bank. People are still not always prepared once they have a fish. Rest the fish in the net before you take it out. Make sure you have everything you need ready – water bucket with water, scales, camera, carp care kit. Never leave a fish hanging on the scales whilst you go and get your camera. This is a big no no and can cause internal damage to the organs of the fish. You should avoid rolling fish onto the belly as this can causes a massive amount of trauma to the inside of the fish resulting in undue stress. They carry their weight in water and on the ground they are not happy with feeling the weight and pressure on their internal organs. So keep them on the side at all times. This is especially the case during spring when they are producing lots of eggs. Please photograph fish over 50lb in the water. You know how I feel about you not doing this so please do not take pictures both on the bank and in the water and just give the in the water shots to me. Just take them in the water. Also treat any problems or leave them in the sling for me to look at. You should always do the mouth, and if there are any cuts or broken skin or any tail issues please treat with the care kit or let me see the fish. If there are any fish looking in poor health after spawning retain for me to look at. We may decide to rest them in the stock pond to allow them to fully recover. Remember common sense, and if you are not sure ask. I would rather you ask than not…
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