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Het laatste karpernieuws van Domaine de la Ribière - Jaarreview 2016

Ribière is één van onze big-fish wateren in Frankrijk, en dit jaar heeft de vis er een prachtige groeispurt doorgemaakt... door een juiste visie en beheer verwachten we dat dit zich ook in de komende jaren zo zal voortzetten. Ons advies is dus: boek ver op voorhand wanneer u kans wilt maken op een echte bak van Ribière! Onderstaand sluit de eigenaar David het 2016-seizoen af met een terugblik:

2016 a year in review

It seems like just a few weeks since I was writing the last end of year review. How time flies! I’m sure you will all agree it’s been a great year for fishing at Ribière. I will try to do my best to share the highlights with you. Sorry in advance if I miss mentioning some of you as there have been so many good results - it’s hard to capture them all. So I am only going to single out what I consider to be some of the stand out catches of the year. With four 60+ braces alone this year it's going to be difficult to get everyone else in.

March – Early season 50lb

Spring this year was wet. Rain, rain and more rain. The fishing seemed to be stop/start with cold easterly winds holding the fishing back. Opening week was good with fish being caught all over the lake and peg 7 getting the season off to a good start with some nice 50lb fish. Pegs 1,2,3,4 were not far behind. But it just shows you that the fish are all over the lake even in the early spring months. The rest of the month was a bit one step forward, another back. One week would be quiet – and then BANG! – some big fish would change the nature of the week. At times the fish were held up in specific swims and, for anglers not on them, it was a frustrating time. Mac and Bev Stevens had a good session despite the cold wind. Laurent Martine had Black Spot out at a good spring weight and some nice 40lb fish to 49 out to our Dutch anglers, Postma and Bremmer, on a two-week session in pegs 1 and 2. Also great to see some nice commons out - a feature of the year. March can be very weather dependent and this year was no exception. Overall it was a challenging month with around 30 fish banked – the biggest at 59lb. If you are on the fish you can catch them and they are big. We still have pegs available this year in March if anyone wants to chance their arm.

April – Boom Alex at 72lb

April signalled the start of the more consistent fishing and the arrival of the bigger fish. Peter Boulton did well, as ever, in peg three with fish to 59lb despite difficult conditions. But it was peg 7 again which started to produce the bigger fish with the first 60lb fish of the year falling to Mr Charron, one of our French anglers, who also had the big Linear at 55lb and the two-tone fish. This is one of the best looking fish in the lake and I think destined to be a new 60lb fish in a few years. Pegs 8 and 9 fished hard in March and it took Julian Filleul to show us how to catch them down in the shallow water in spring with around 11 fish in a short 72 hour session - including one of the big commons and some nice 50lb fish. Alex also made his first appearance of the year falling to German angler, Thomas Kamin, fishing peg 8 at a great spring weight of 72lb. A stunning capture and a great session with Thomas landing a lot of big fish. April had two fish caught over 60lb, Alex at 72lb and a total of 80 fish on the bank. I think the other 60lb fish was peg 3 on the Saturday morning before packing up. I believe it shows that the very big fish are not with the main pack. Last year the winter was mild and we fed the lake all over including pegs 7 and 8. For me the big fish stayed around 5,6,7,8 for most of the winter. The same is happening again now. So we will have to see what happens again this April.

May – First Big Brace

This year, May turned into one hell of a good month. The weather was warm but dominated by low pressure and rain. Spawning was stop/start and the fish just kept getting caught. I think it was one of the best big fish months of the year. We had well over 200 fish caught with 24 over 50lb, three over 60lb and Alex again at 72lb. We had an amazing number of 40lb fish caught - well over 80 fish - and a lot of them were mid and upper 40lb fish. Which I think indicates how well the fish stock is doing. I would say the average fish in May was around the 20kg or 44lb mark. For me a couple of sessions stood out. Malcolm and his twin brother in pegs 1 and 2 on a lake exclusive smashed it. Resulting in the first big brace of the year with a 60lb and Alex at 72lb again. What was amazing was the fact that the non-carp angler bagged all the big fish. But that's fishing! Shimano fished on zigs and also had a big hit of fish including a 60lb fish and some very special 50lb fish - including the big three scale fish. What a month and too many people to mention. All the lake was catching and the fish were well and truly moving all over. Peter and Marjo Hergt in peg 7, as ever, had a lot of fish. Whilst Brett Derrick and Craig in 8 and 9 had a great session catching some nice fish to mid 50lb. Overall a mega month.

June – 60lb brace

Well it didn’t slow down in June. The fish still hadn’t fully spawned and wanted to eat and eat. So, it was more madness. The rain had finally stopped and the fish spawned fully so the weights, as expected, dropped off. But what surprised me was that some of the big males came on the munch big time. Peter Belo and his brother, father and friend Jasper had a mega session catching well over 80 fish between them including two over 60lb and 10 over 50lb and one of the big commons. What a result! Our first brace of 60lb fish which came out to Brian and Julie Stevens who were doing a two week session in 6 and 7. They had a great fortnight with lots of 30lb, 40lb and 50lb fish but both smashed their PB on the last day of fishing with a 60lb fish each. Julie catching the biggest 60lb fish of the year at 65lb. A fish that could do 70lb in the future. Well done to Julie - a great result. The lake fished very consistently in June with most pegs catching and some nice fish out of 5 and 6, including one of the bigger commons. Our charity auction bid winner, Adam Spiers, also did well on 8 and 9.

July – 60lb brace and Alex

With temperatures in the mid 30s, it’s not a time you expect big fish. But they still have to feed and if you know how to catch them and fish the pegs, July can be as good a time as any and our international anglers proved this. Team Vandeweyer from Belgium fished pegs 6 and 7 to great effect and had a very rewarding week. In essence this was a family holiday for the group who came with their wives and children. They mostly fished the nights and early mornings and spent the rest of the day enjoying the pool and days out. The results were consistent with 25 fish over the week and four over 50 to 56lb. But the icing on the cake came in the shape of two 60lb fish - 63.4lb being the biggest - on a mad afternoon when they decided the conditions just had to be fished. The rest of July was a little bit up and down - depending on the weather. With high pressure, flat calm and hot days the fishing can often be difficult and adapting your approach is essential for success. Some of our weeks were very frustrating. The week that Chris Tarrant and co were here on their regular trip out was particularly unpredictable with the fish spending much of their time eating white flies off the top. Bob James managed to snag some fish using long tails. If you got a couple of overcast days and a nice strong wind, then you could catch them. Night time proved successful for a number of our French anglers who regularly holiday with us at this time of year including Stephane Hugoo. Spanish angler, Christian Popa, had a nice common out at 48lb from peg 3 whilst German Sascha Schopphoven had eight fish to 55.11lb. So overall the month still managed to produce some big fish with three fish over 60lb and lots of 40lb.

August – 60lb and the big linear

August was very much like July. You could catch them if the weather was kind to you and not too hot. It seemed to be one week on, one week off. But when they were feeding it was madness. French regular, M. Callemeyne, managed to trip up Alex on a Saturday afternoon half way through his two week session and after a frustrating few days. This goes to show you that the fish react to change over days. I think Alex thought it was quiet with no lines in the water and went on an afternoon munch. Great result for August to catch such a big fish and well done to Mr Callemeyne. With temperatures soaring, results remained a little hit and miss but there were highlights including consistent catching from Dave on peg 7 during a week's exclusive with Mark Johnson and co. But the main people to benefit were twin brothers Kevin and Greg Lewis from Manchester who managed 30 plus fish with the big linear at 56lb and a stunning 60lb fish. What surprised me about August was how big some of the fish still were. Some of the big males just seemed to pack the weight straight on. If you could get them feeding you could catch them and Kevin and Greg really took it apart on the back of pegs 1 and 2 not doing well and most of the fish being in pegs 5,6,7,8,9. The fish seemed to spend much of August in 6, 7, 8 and 9. The shallow water did very well during this period. I think August produced around 120/150 fish and most of the pegs caught well. Surprising given we’d had no rain since June, high pressure, hot weather into the high 30 degrees. And finally regular French angler, M. Girard and co, had a very successful week on pegs 3,4 and 5 including big scale. So well done to everyone.

September – Pack fish on the munch, lots of 50lb fish

September started with a bang then got more difficult as the colder weather and rain dropped the water temperature and it took the fish a little time to get feeding again. With cooler weather the fish decided to go on a steady munch with some spectacular results in the early part of the month. The stand out result for me was Kevin Cooke and Jez Sussex who, on a two week stint in 3 and 4, were catching big fish for fun. They ended with 47 fish with 19 over 40lb and five over 50lb - including a very nice young common which I think is one to watch. They used a lot of bait during their stay and kept them feeding. For me in September and October you can't seem to put too much in. They used at least 40kg each per week of boilie and maize and pellet. The second half of the month was a different story. You had to be on your game to catch them and regulars, like Neville Wright and Peter Hergt, managed to catch and did well given the conditions. Peter is one of our regular anglers and managed some very nice fish. The main issue facing anglers was the very quick drop off in water temperature due to the heavy rain. When the water temperature drops from 20+ to 14 in a few days you know it’s going to be difficult. So well done to all those who put fish on the bank. Again the fish were all over the lake and getting caught from all pegs. Although pegs 1 and 2 struggled during September. There were fish in that area but they seemed to spend the days sun bathing on the top and then the nights they would move out to feed in shallower water. Many anglers seemed reluctant to try zigs in this period which surprised me.

October – Another big brace with a 60lb and 70lb

October conditions were much the same as September. In good weather conditions the fish got their heads down proper and you could catch a lot of fish. Other weeks you were struggling for numbers. Team Vandeweyer were at it again with a spectacular run of big fish. It was a bit special - something like 11 fish on the bounce all over 20kg up to 25kg. Every time I came down to the lake they were landing another big fish. Great fishing and what a season they have had on La Ribière. In my view one of the most consistent and - if you add up the big fish they have had over the year - it’s spectacular. Fishing the same week on pegs 1 and 2 were Yohann and Severine Van de Maelen. He had a few small 30lb fish on peg 1 but nothing stand out. Then everything changed with conditions looking mint. BANG, a 60lb fish. BANG, Alex at 70lb. BANG, a big common. It’s mind blowing at times. You have to have the bait in the right place and fishing close in Yohann and Severine managed to catch them. Great fishing.
Fishing at peg 9 during October was John Weir from Manchester. John managed 20 fish from peg 9 with three over 50lb, seven over 40lb and some stunning fish over 30lb. For me this is one of the best fishing sessions of the year. John only fished at night and was catching from an unflavoured peg at the end of October. It just shows you the fish are here all year and it’s a matter of working it out. Which John did to spectacular effect. Steve Fielding, fishing the half-term week, also managed some nice fish out to 50lb in one of the more challenging weeks. Class angling again from Steve. Following Yohann into peg 2, which had blanked, was Dean Marshall and to say he smashed it would be an understatement. I think the pack fish stayed in the area and he took full advantage with over 30 fish – three over 50lb plus a 62lb fish. Well done Dean. Three fish over 60lb in October is a great result.

November – 60lb fish for Fox

November was a month of two halves. In the good weeks you could catch them and again they were all over the lake. We had a few lake exclusives on this year and also the Fox group who were filming for their next Edge DVD which will be out in April. The Fox team did not get any special treatment. They fished in between two other groups. I think when you see the DVD it shows a typical November. They struggled in the first half of the week and then worked it out and had some nice fish. I can't say too much as you will have to wait for the DVD. But what I can say is they have some spectacular footage of some of the nice fish including some of the scaly fish. They used the drone and the footage from this will blow you away. Other good results were Alan Viney and his son, Jamie, on pegs 3 and 4. Managing a run of good fish towards the end of their session. As well as some nice 40lb and 50lb fish out of 1 and 2 as you would expect at this time of year. What suprised me was how fish were showing all over the lake. At night even in pegs 8 and 9 you had fish. The difficulty was catching them. I think by November the fish have seen it all and are very rig weary. Lots of people getting done on a regular basis and the fish not feeding hard can make for a challenging week. The last week of the season was particularly tough and with cold easterly winds one of the toughest of the year.


Well some spectacular results. Every month, with the exception of March and September, we had a 60lb and/or a 70lb fish caught. We had two 60/70lb braces - one for Malcom's brother and one for Yohann and Severine Van de Maelen. We had two other 60lb braces to Brian and Julie Stevens and to the Vandeweyers. We had 60lb fish out April, May, June, July, August, October, November. The weight gains of the bigger 40lb fish has averaged 6lb with many of them going 50lb for the first time this spring. The number of 50lb captures was spectacular.
I believe you are now fishing for 16/20 fish over 25kg/55lb with most of them going 60lb at some stage of the year. We are seeing some nice young 50lb fish coming through betweem 52-54lb and I am sure some of them will push on to smash the 25kg/55lb mark. I think there are one or two of the bigger fish that could go 70lb if we get mild winters and some quality bait going in on a more consistent basis. I think one of the reasons we are not seeing more 70lb fish is the lack of quality nutritional bait in key months. April, May, June, September, October and November are the key times for getting a good volume of bait in for them. So please try to ensure you get your baiting right. It's no problem fishing with 40+ kg of bait for a week here at the right time. In July, August, and March and November I would ease it up.
So a big thank you to all our anglers at Ribiere. Your support for myself and Heidi is much appreciated. We look forward once again to inviting many of you back in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Have a great New Year.

What pegs produced the big fish?

Alex was caught in pegs 8 (April), 2 (May), 7 (July) and 1 (October). The 60lb fish came out all over the lake - 1,2,3,4,6,7,8. Peg 5 and peg 9 the only pegs not doing a 60lb or 70lb fish. Peg 9 did some very nice 50lb fish and was consistent from mid-April through to end of October. Once the pads are fully established next year I expect more big fish to come out of 9. I am looking at planting a reed bed opposite peg 5 as a feature to see if we can get some more fish to stay in this area. Peg 5 seemed only to produce consistently from May through to end of September. I have done some work on peg 5 this month (December) removing a lot of stones from the far margins and creating two spots which I think should now produce more consistently. We will see.
Julie remains elusive this year so we must wait to see if she is OK. Fingers crossed she makes an appearance soon as we all want to see her on the bank again.
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