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Het laatste karpernieuws van Domaine de la Ribière - juli 2016

Ook voor juli heeft David weer een mooie update verzorgd voor de visserij op Domaine de la Ribière. Hij schrijft ons het volgende:

Two 60lb brace captures

Summer at Ribiere is a very special time. The sun is out, it’s the main holiday season both in France and across Europe and it’s a great time to enjoy summer fishing for big carp. As soon as the schools finish, Ribiere becomes very much a family fishing holiday venue for parents from France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium and, of course, the UK.
It’s a more relaxed fishing approach with anglers tending to spend the hot days with the family either at our heated pool or enjoying a summer barbeque or social or simply enjoying the natural countryside of the Limoges area. It’s a very pretty part of the world. And with the children and spouse to please there is something for everyone.
But of course the most important thing is you can still catch some very big carp - even with the fish being at their lowest weights, they have remained impressive so far this year having quickly got back onto the feed.

Catch Report

The first two weeks of June fished quite well with around 40 to 50 fish each week and a good number of 40 and 50lb fish out - as you would expect - from all over the lake with all anglers catching. The fish finally finished spawning and got their heads down with spectacular results. Peter Belo, his brother and father and friend, Jasper, finished their two week session with a truly amazing catch of big fish between the group. Peter and his father having the lion's share of the big girls over 50lb. During the two weeks they had 80 fish including 2x60lb - 10x50lb and over 30x40lb fish. One of the biggest hits of the year so far.
The next couple of weeks were a little hit and miss with the fish grouped up and seeming to want to stay together, only feeding off and on. The top end of the lake was doing well from peg 5 through to 9 with lots of 30lb, 40lb and 50lb fish coming out and the amazing Jurassic fish out at 25.5Kg or just over 58lb.
But then it all kicked off again and the fish seemed to go mad for a few days. This resulted in the first brace of 60lb fish coming to husband and wife team, Brian and Julie Stevens, from the UK fishing pegs 6 and 7. Brian smashed his PB with a monster of a fish at 63lb and, just a few hours later, Julie landed a 65lb fish. Their two week session was very consistent and they landed a lot of fish over 40lb. This week ended with a spectacular run of big fish. The total for the week was just over 40 fish. Pegs 6 and 7 had an amazing last couple of days - one they will never forget. Peg 8 also produced two big 50lb fish to 59.7lb.
Summer then arrived with clear skies, temperatures consistently in the high 30s and a cool day being 24. It took the fish some time to adapt and the first couple of weeks remained challenging. Our first lake exclusive group, led by Larry Miller, had to work very hard for the fish but at least they were in front of everyone. So another consistent week of 30s and 40lb fish with a couple of 50lbs banked. The fish then decided to go onto the naturals for a week. The fish got very pre-occupied with them and our second lake exclusive group, all Ribiere regulars, found it very difficult to get the fish to pick anything resembling a bait up. Most of the fish came out to either long tails or zigs. The total for the week was only 14 fish. The best a 47lb grass carp. Quite clearly a disappointing week for everyone and quite frustrating to watch the fish all day and most of the night on the top taking flies and not even touching the zig.
July has continued with the hot weather and the arrival of more relaxed family fishing. The big news was the second brace of 60lb fish coming out to our family of Belgium anglers, familiar faces at Ribiere, enjoying the summer sunshine during the day with the family and fishing just the evenings and nights. Fishing pegs 6 and 7, Jo Vandeweyer, his brother and father, Peter, here with their families enjoyed a very special week. Despite the hot weather, by not pressuring the fish during the day, they managed to catch over 25 fish including Black Spot at 56lb and two fish over 60lb to 63lb. What a result and the second brace of 60lb fish from peg 7 in just over a month. Not to be left out this week good results were also seen from two other Ribiere regulars, German angler Sacha Schopphoven on peg 4 with fish to over 58lb and a stunning common on peg 3 to our Spanish angler, Christian Popa.
June and July have not been as consistent as previous months but when the fish have played ball the results have been spectacular. I think the anglers who have done the best have been regular visitors to Ribiere and the three groups that stand out are Brian and Julie Stevens, the Belo group and the Vandeweyer family. All with fish over 60lb and all with goods hits of big fish. Peg 6, 7, 8 & 9 have been very consistent. But as normal some of the big hits have been off 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Fish Care - Sad news...

May through to the end of July is always a difficult time for the fish and a stressful time due to spawning. I am pleased that we have got through the period with only limited fish loss, but we have lost some fish. We lost three fish in early May. All new fish that we stocked over the winter. I suspect the stress of being caught and the difficult weather affected them. They died almost straight after being caught. We lost a very nice 40lb fish with a swim bladder problem. Sad to say, this fish had been in our view badly treated and had a lot of recent mouth damage either from capture or being tethered – this could have been avoided. We also lost two bigger fish over 20kg. One a known fish, the other I did not recognise despite going back through a lot of pictures. The one we lost was Half-tail, a fish that had been caught quite a lot during the early part of the year at mid 50lb. Both fish were spawn-bound. Unfortunately this is the difficult part of fisheries management and it's why we do our utmost to ensure that you take care of the fish on the bank.
Do not retain fish...
There have been one or two occasions when I have had to ask anglers to change their approach and it’s something which I will continue to do. At this time of year it’s critical that you do not retain fish in slings in the shallow water longer than is necessary to get ready to take a picture. So please, no keeping fish in retainers in the night waiting for the morning just to get your picture. It causes too much stress as oxygen levels are low.
I will not be stocking any new fish until the end of 2018 so it’s critical that we all look after the fish we have. At the end of 2018 I will do a full lake drain down and we will assess the stock levels. I will have up to 50 fish over 20kg to put in including 10 commons which I anticipate will be over 22kg. Make a note of this in your diary and if you want to attend the drain down in December 2018 please let me know as it’s a great opportunity to see the fish and we need as much help as we can.
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