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Het laatste karpernieuws van Domaine de la Ribière - maart 2016

Een flinke 'maart-update' van nieuwe eigenaar van Domaine de la Ribière David dit keer. Naast een vangstenupdate strooit hij rijkelijk met tips & tricks voor dit 'big-fish' water.

Catch Report - 7 over 50lb

We are now just over four weeks into the season and it seems to be flying by. The first week kicked off with 15 fish and two over 50lb, but since the opening week the fishing has been extremely difficult. This is due to a mix of poor weather, with a north easterly wind blowing for 10 days and the fish not seeming to be heavily on the feed. Those that are don't seem to want to move which is again resulting in a number of the pegs not catching and a lot of anglers going home without fish. Which is frustrating for everyone. Fred and Graham spent two weeks in 8,9 but the fish failed to put in an appearance. Let's hope when they are back in October they have some better luck.
So let’s look at the numbers. As I write, we have had seven over 50lb caught so far with Black Spot at 56lb out twice - to Peter Boulton and Laurent Martine and the long grey at 59lb also out to Peter being the bigest. Mac, Bev, Laurent and Peter have fished well in very difficult conditions and have been rewarded. The total caught so far at Ribiere has been 47 fish. Of which 24 have been over 40lb. A lot of these fish have been over 45lb with at least three at 48lb which is fantastic news as most are very young fish. The fish seem to have wintered well and look in great condition. But given the number of fish this is somewhat underwhelming. The fish also seem to be feeding only in a few places which is resulting in anglers blanking. I suspect the difficult conditions will ease as soon as we get some consistently warm weather. There have also been quite a number of lost fish resulting in fish trailing line. I know of at least six fish. This is concerning me quite a lot and is the main reason I must insist that you all look at your rigs and set-up to ensure that the fish can get rid of the lead and cannot get tethered.

Tips - Are you being done?

I have fished Ribiere myself since 2011. Fishing mainly autumn in pegs 5,6,3,2. What I can tell you if you have not fished here before is that the fish are very qute. They feel for the lead, will kite and move you without a bleep and get rid of the rig. They will give you massive drop back and run straight at you to gain maximum freedom to drop the rig. They will tighten your line with a single bleep and shake to hook out. Over the last two weeks I have seen this happen to anglers fishing peg 5,6,7. One angler had two of his rigs moved at least 20 yards without a single indication, the fish kiting against the pressure of the lead and then dropping the rig. The fish have also historically moved away from lines in the water. So again in some swims you need to make sure you have your lines pinned down. Resting your swim has proved very beneficial to anglers who need the fish to move into their area and feed freely. Some of the anglers fishing the last few weeks have never fished here before and have in my opinion been done. So you need to get your thinking caps on to catch the big fish. They are not easy here and you need to do your research.

The future of Ribiere

One of the main reasons I decided to take on Ribiere was the huge potential of the fish. There are a lot of very nice fish here and very big fish that can go bigger. I have publicised the fact that I have fed the fish over the winter to ensure they are in top condition for the spring and will continue to feed the fish over the year when I feel anglers are not putting enough in. This is because I want the fish to reach their true potential which I think is without doubt at least two close to 90lb. To do this requires anglers to play their part. If you are going to be a regular on Ribiere then you need to come on the journey with me here. That requires two things.
1) A total focus on the care of the fish – on the bank and when you lose one. In my view from what I have seen so far there are some anglers who are not fully observing the rules. No lead core, means no lead core. No leaders, means no leaders. No plastic baits, means no plastic baits - even as a topper. Also you need big mats and nets and slings here. Our fish are over 1 meter long. Alex is 1 meter 10cm. We have some of the grass carp even longer. You also need to make sure you have the carp care kits and water ready on the bank. It’s your responsibility to bring the right equipment. If you don’t have it or are unsure then ask. Can you also note that all fish over 50lb should be in the water when you take the pictures. Again that’s not pictures on the bank first then in the water. It’s in the water only. Yes, I know it’s a pain to do it on a cold wet day in March, but get your waders on and get it. No excuses.
2) The right amount and quality of bait going in on a regular basis. I have introduced a boilie which has been designed to give the carp the nutrition they need. I am not insisting you use it, but it is here and anglers and myself are feeding it. I am doing it at a good price to ensure you buy it. So how much should you feed per week? Well, we have 500 big carp. If every carp eats 1kg of bait per week then ten anglers would need to put in 50Kg per week to feed them. The average weight of our carp is 40lb so please think about it. You will find it very difficult to overdo the baiting. My recommendation is that you use a mix of boilie and, to keep the cost down, pellet and maize etc. Lots of anglers are using bait boats so again think about how you can spread your bait and do something different.
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