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Het laatste karpernieuws van Domaine de la Ribière - Mei 2016

Een zeer uitgebreid vangstenverslag van mei 2016 vanaf Domaine de la Ribière. David schrijft ons het volgende:
"What a remarkable few weeks we have had at Ribiere. It will be no surprise to our regular customers that May has been a simply stunning month. The weather has stayed relatively cool with both light and, at times, heavy rain. The fish tried to spawn in early May but the colder weather just put them off so the fish have been at big weights for the whole month and have finally now spawned at the end of the first week of June.
Well done to everyone who has fished. I will try to give you my best review of the weeks but I am sure I will forget some of you. So apologies now.
The first week of May set the tone for the month. Lots of fish moving and feeding all over the lake. We had 65 fish caught for the week - 16x20lb - 23x30lb - 20x40lb - 5x50lb - 1x64lb. The fish showed signs of wanting to spawn but this slowed as colder weather and rain set in. The conditions suited the fish and Team Shimano dominated the week catching a lot of fish on zigs. They ended the week with one of the big males over 60lb. Richard Griffiths had two fish over 50lb to 57lb. What a stunning fish (last year this fish was 52lb)! Team Shimano finished with 46 fish. Pictures of the 64lb caught by James Young will feature in Carpworld this month as part of a feature on zig fishing. Gary Covell and friend on Peg 7 also had a great week with 16 fish between them, with 11 over 40lb, 2 at 49lb and two 50s to 56lb - including Black Spot.
The second week of May was truly astonishing and one of the best big fish weeks we have ever had. This was a lake exclusive week headed by Garry Arnold. The week has blown us all away. 43 fish out and 23 over 40lb. The group had 15 over 40lb - 6x50lb - 1x60lb - 1x72lb. At least three of the group smashed their PBs. Malcom Huggett taking a stunning common on the last night at 52.8lb to break his common best for the second time on the trip. His brother Peter, who had never carp fished before, went away one happy man catching 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb and Alex at 72lb – surely the session of a lifetime?! Paul O’Mahoney also managed to get amongst the bigger fish with a nice 50lb fish and a new personal best. What a week for big fish and what a great group to have on the lake. The only real problem this week was the amount of fish held up in pegs 1 and 2. It would take until the following week to see the fish much more widely spread across the lake.
The third week of May saw our CarpWorld competition winner, Ian Cummins and his son Luke, on pegs 5 and 6. They both caught fish, with Ian at 72 years of age setting a new lifetime PB of 55lb, in difficult conditions for these pegs. On the lake this week were also a number of Ribiere regulars. Peter Hergt and wife, Marjo, arrived for a three-week stint in peg 7 and banked 20 fish – starting as they meant to go on. Peter Vandeweyer and his father, Jo, were on pegs 3 and 4 catching fish to 49lb – good by most standards but perhaps a little disappointing for them. Ribiere first-timers, Florian Schöllhorn and Thomas Havenith, made the most of their time in pegs 1 and 2 with fish to over 50lb and some stunning younger 20s and 30s.
Week four resulted in over 80 fish caught. Five fish over 50lb to 58lb. Every peg saw fish but pegs 8 and 9 fished by Brett Derrick and Craig Twohey had a great week with over 25 fish including three over 50lb to 58lb. Peter and Marjo Hergt kept catching but generally smaller males between 30lb and 47lb. Pegs 3, 4 and 5 also had a good week. A German group fishing together, led by Alexander Faisst, had more than 30 fish many over 20kg including 2x22kg - 23kg and 26kg - one of our stunning big males. With a lot of males coming out I suspected the big females were now waiting to spawn.
The final week of May also produced exceptionally well, another great week with over 70 fish caught to 62lb. What has amazed me is the number over 50lb. We had nine over 50lb and at least 20 over 40lb. Every area on the lake caught fish over 50lb. Peter Haas from Holland, fishing with his brother, dad and friend, Jasper Burkulo, all did well during the first week of a fortnight’s stay with over 35 fish. Peter had 2x50lb and a 62lb and his dad three over 50lb. With a second week in progress, Peter has already had another over 60lb and his brother a big common over 50lb. What a session!
Peter and Marjo Hergt finished their three week stay with over 60 fish and lots of stunning 40lb fish. Peter and Marjo have been fishing here for a long time and are very much part of the Ribiere family. We look forward to seeing them again later in the year, when I am sure Peter will be catching some of the bigger fish again. Our English fisherman also did well on pegs 5, 6, 8 and 9. Richard McQuade and Stuart fishing pegs 5 and 6 had a good week that included the latter breaking his PB with a 53.8lb common. Steve Charlton and John Greenslade on pegs 8 and 9 had ten fish including two over 50lb – one each – to 55lb. Good fishing for their first visit to Ribiere.
Well what can I say? Truly stunning. Just look at how many 40lb, 50lb and 60lb fish have been out. More than 30 fish over 50lb, including four over 60lb and Alex at 72lb. A lot more over 50lb than I expected and, yes, a number of repeat captures but great results nonetheless. A lot of these fish will drop back to 40lb fish now but I have been truly surprised on how big many of these fish have been. We have also seen some of the big 50lb fish reach up to 62lb for the first time.
Three new fish over 60lb is a great start to the year and I believe we can get this group of fish consistently over 60lb as they are young and still growing. What has also been pleasing from my point are the results in pegs 8 and 9 after the work we have done over the winter. These are now starting to be more consistent pegs and I hope this continues through the year. They have produced a lot of 50lb fish this year plus a 60lb and Alex at 72lb.
Pegs 5 and 6, when the conditions have been right, have done very well. Last week two over 50lb including a common and, the best session, 11 fish all over 40lb and including three over 50lb to one angler. I think now we have moved the far bank post markers to give 5 and 6 and 8 and 9 more space to fish, they will be more consistent in general.

June Spawning - fish care

Any fish you catch after spawning with significant damage should be kept safely in your floatation sling and inspected by either myself or Michel before it is put back. If you have fish with cuts or damage to tails then they must be treated. Again hold them in slings and I will do it.

Where is Julie?

I have been asked a lot over the last few months about Julie. She has been notable by her absence on the bank. But as far as both Michel and I are concerned she is still here until we see evidence to the contrary. It was reported to us last year that she was caught twice. So we have every confidence that she is simply avoiding capture. But until she is caught I suspect rumours will continue. I am as keen as anyone to see her on the bank - so fingers crossed.
What you need to know is that if we find any of the big known fish dead we will tell you. My policy is to be open and honest. In my view Ribiere is not just about one fish, it’s about the whole fish stock and making sure that we do our best to ensure all the fish achieve their potential. In fisheries management, there is one certainty and this is that fish will die. My job is to make sure that the lake has always got fish coming through to replace them. Alex still has potential and we have two other big 60lb fish both also not caught yet this season which I have very high hopes for. So the future looks good."
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