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Het laatste karpernieuws van Gigantica Carp - april 2017

De eerste vangstverslagen van Gigantica zijn binnen... hoewel 't op het Main Lake nog wat rustig is qua aantallen nog wat is, zijn de gewichten wel echt geweldig. Op het Road Lake wordt veel gevangen, en ook daar zijn de gewichten zeer goed. Lees de vangstverslagen onderstaand maar eens door, en mocht u vragen hebben... laat het ons gerust weten!

Main Lake - Aprils round up

Well would you believe we are nearly a quarter of the way through the year already. With the weather continuing to stay warm surly summer is on its way. Gigantica is waking up more and more each day and the fish are becoming much more active day and night.With a rather nice spring feel this week a maximum temperature of twenty-five degrees was recorded and night temperatures averaged around eight degrees. A strong south easterly greeted the anglers Saturday afternoon and conditions looked good.
It was Thursday morning at 7am that Buzz who was fishing in The Alamo had a screaming take on his left had rod, which was cast 112 yards in-line with Baxters Hole, after a long hard battle he finally lands at cracking Gigantica carp called The Weld which went 51lb. An IQ D rig baited with a Mainline FYBER Wafter which was soaked in the new Butter Corn Goo, with ten spombs of Chopped Mainline FYBER Prototype Boilie mixed with Hemp and Maze over the baited area did the trick.
The second week of April is here, Rowan Hill was set up in Bob’s Beach, he had all three rods cast in a line at 80 Yards, after seeing the swallows flying low over the lake, he decided to put out three Zigs 18ft 20ft and 22ft, it wasn’t long before he was into one of these Gigantica Carp, he goes and lands Baby Brutus at 47lb, a 20ft zig with a piece of Black foam was the key to success. So if you ever see swallows flying low over the lake that you are fishing they are probably catching insects which are hatching from the lake and its worth putting out Zigs.
Darren Procter went into Alcatraz and decided to fish all 3 rod at 124 yards in-line with Big Southerly, it wasn’t long before he was into to his first fish of the week a nice 17lb mirror, just after landing it his other rod was away this turned out to be a 24lb 8oz common, Darren was baiting up every evening around 8pm with 3kg of Mainline Cell Boilies some were chopped in to half’s , the next morning around 7am Darren was in again, this time it was a 40lb 12oz mirror called Baby Weld, as the photos were being taken his other rod was away, this one went 49lb a cracking common called Wide Angle. Through out the week Darren went on to have another eight carp the Biggest was Pierre Cardin at 55lb 4oz. A simple IQ D rig with a Mainline Diamond white water which was tipped with corn was doing the Business for Darren.

Road Lake - 08/04/2017

What a great week we've had on the Road Lake this week. A rather wet Spring day greeted the anglers on arrival, but the sight of Carp launching themselves out of the water during the walk-round had everyone chomping at the bit to get going. The weather for the week was fairly settled, and after the wet start, we had sunny days with tempertures approaching 18 degree's and thankfully, no more rain. With seven anglers booked on it was important to spread around the lake keep the fish on the move, which is exactly what happened.
First off the mark on Saturday evening was Paul Molleneux who was fishing in Turtles Corner, his IQ D-Rig baited with a Banoffee Wafter being picked up by a belting Mirror of 32lb. Fishing short range to the marginal treeline to the left hand side; he had quickly found himself a productive spot, and took revenge for a difficult trip the last time he visited. The same margin spot produced a further two bites, resulting in Common's of 18lb and 27lb. With Big Fish Thursday well underway, he switched to an open water spot at 16 rod lengths straight out in front, and was rewarded with his biggest fish of the week; a cracking Mirror of 32lb 8oz and followed it up a couple of hours later with a 29lb 8oz Mirror.
Steve Walker initially dropped into Shingles next door to Paul, but a change of swims across to Billie’s heralded better fortunes, and saw him promptly get off the mark with a 32lb Mirror, again from the shallower water off the marginal shelf. He fished with N-Trap Semi-Stiff hooklinks and his hookbaits consisted of half a Sticky Baits Manila bottom bait and half a Pop-Up.
Nick Warburton plotted up for the week in The Decoy, and with lots of fish showing in front and to his right; it looked to have been a good decision. There was a slight concern that the fish may be reluctant to visit the deeper water that he had in front of him, but Nick found a raised area with 16ft of water, and confidently set his traps. Using the Ronnie Rig baited with Nutrabaits Pineapple & NButyric Pop-Ups, his 16.5 rod length spot produced his first bite on Monday morning, which turned out to be a lovely 31lb Mirror. Feeding 15 Spombs of crushed/chopped Mainline Cell and Hybrid mixed with the Gigantica Particle Mix, he followed Monday mornings success with a further two fish on Monday night; a Common of 24lb 3oz and a Mirror of 21lb 4oz. Despite a ridiculous amount of fish throwing themselves out of the water, he had to wait until Wednesday morning for his next action when a 24lb 8oz Common picked up the hookbait while he was still trying to sink the line.
RJ from Team Korda Netherlands started his week in Tea Party 1, and after the fish showing a distinct preference for the shallower water; he placed a rod down the left hand margin and was rewarded almost immediately with a take from a 19lb Common. Banoffee Wafters doing the business on this occasion. A change of swims down to Bachiliers gave him access to the shallow margins, and he had a bite in fairly short order in 4-6ft of water; this time another 18lb Common being the culprit. He followed this up with a similar sized Common the following night, before moving back up to Tea Party1, where the action had really started to hot up.
Kevin Diederen, also of Team Korda Netherlands made the most out of Tea Party 2 by catching a raft of fish from various spots and depths. He demonstrated that with a baiting approach of little but often; the fish could be caught fairly quickly. At the start of the week the bites would only come in water depths of 4-6ft, but as the water continually warmed throughout the week he moved to progressively deeper spots. By baiting little but often, he didn't tie himself to one specific area, which allowed him to truly exploit the swim. He baited with crushed/chopped Mainline Cell boilies, mixed with hemp and maize, liberally doused in Corn Twist Goo. During the week he took 5 thirties to 34lb 2oz, 5 twenties and 3 doubles. Using Ready Tied IQ D-Rigs baited with either Korda Fake Food (one grain of slow sinking maize and one of corn) or Banoffee Wafters, he completed his set up by using the Korda Flat Pear Cog Leads.
Gigantica Fishery Manager Andy Savage also fished for a couple of nights in Dunkerque, fishing the raised area in 13ft of water at 14 rod lengths. He also baited lightly, but frequently, with chopped/crumbed Mainline FYBER boilies, mixed with hemp and maize. To increase the pulling power, he added Atlantic Heat, Hot Oil and Bumbleberry Goo. With little in the way of fish activity evident, it took until the second night to register a bite, but it was worth the wait as a 40lb Mirror slipped into the net. Korda Cog leads, coupled with the Ronnie Rig were the winning terminal tackle combination. A Mainline IB Pop-Up soaked in Wonderberry and Mystic Spice Goo did the trick on the hookbait front.
The water is warming quickly and the fish are now venturing into the deeper water to feed. They still appear to be shying away from large beds of boilies; maximum attraction with smaller food items has been the winning combination this week. However, it won't be long before they really start attacking the boilies. Big thanks to all the lads, we had a great week, look forwards to seeing you on your next trip.

Road Lake - 15/04/2017

This week we had road lake return visitors with Jackie Eastwood party joining them on the lake was Joe Taylor & Henry smith. With the weather staying warm the fish are on the move and things look promising on the walk around with the fish giving away their location crashing out right on queue.
Henry Smith fished in Tea party 1 Henry only managed one fish this week but what a fish it was with the hammer at 51.8lb caught using the IQ-D rig with Banoffee wafter fished at 18 wraps towards turtle corner.
Joe Taylor fished in Tea party 2 and landed a total of eight fish to 34lb Joe fished the IQ-D rig with banoffee wafter to the right hand side of the island and the far tree line baiting little and often.
Danny Eastwood fished the Beach Danny had six fish to 36lb Danny used a combination of cell and essential cell with his short range rod fished at only 7 wraps and his longest fished at 23 wraps Danny started the week on bottom baits with the IQ-D rig baiting around 2.5kg over each rod then opted for zig rigs towards the end of the week as the weather warmed up.
David Eastwood fished brambles and landed two fish to 21lb David fished all three rods at 20 wraps to the gravel bar in the middle of the lake using Banoffee wafters and the IQ-D rig and baited up using a combination of throwing stick and spod.
Paul Burt fished in Turtles corner and landed two fish to 34lb paul was using the IQ-D rig with Banoffee wafters fished at 15 wraps to the tree line and 15 wraps straight out baiting around 5kgs a day between all three rods.
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