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Het laatste karpernieuws van High Mill Lake - 16 juli t/m 20 augustus 2016

Een mooie update van een warme zomer op High MIll Lake, met enkele taaie weken en daarnaast enkele mooie vangsten. Andy & Tracey schrijven ons het volgende:

16-23 July

So for the Gobel party who came together on swims 10 11 and 12, for the week ending 23 July, the weather was scorching and the fishing was slow. Highlights included a 43lb11 oz on. Proline BBQ boilie for Benny on swim 11, a 49lb 8oz mirror for Brian and Peter swim 10 also on a proline bbq, and 34lb 10 oz mirror for Davy and Peter on the chalet swim on a tigernut. Klaus did better on swim 6 with 7 fish on tigernuts over a bed of particles, including his pb grasscarp at 44lb and a mirror to 46lb 10.

23-30 July

The following week on High Mill Lake was also very hot and produced only a few fish for Mario Jahrmatter on swim 11, fishing tigernuts to produce fish to 48lb 13. For Dave and son Harry over on swim 6, who also fished tigernuts to produce fish to 39lb.

30 July - 6 August

This week and the first of 2 week sessions for Helmut and Joeri Peters on 9 & 10 and Steffan and Susi on swim 11. In their 2 weeks of high temperatures and low water levels they still managed some nice fish. A nice 46lb mirror for Helmut, 2 over 50 for Joeri, 50lb10 and 54lb, all on tigernuts. Steffan also fished tigernuts and landed 13 fish including 2 over 50, 51lb and 51lb 7oz common, and 3 over 40lb to 42lb 11. A 40lb 4oz mirror for Stuart Jackson in the chalet.

6-13 August

This week also included not only Steffan and Susi and Joeri and Helmut, but also 2 brothers Kevin and Ramon Jansen on swim 6, Adam Sander and Barry Stunell on swim 8. They all fished tigernut too and between them had fish to 27lb on High Mill Lake.

13-20 August

This week produced more fish than we have seen for some time. The weather is still very hot and no real rain to speak of. For Karl Chappell on swim 6 the tally was 9 with 5 over 40lb to 48lb. One of those was may be a 50+ but his scales wouldnt weigh over 30 lb as they had warped in the sun stopping the dial from going any further! Disaster, for what he felt was the heaviest fish and a new pb for sure. Jens and Isabel Wille, regular visitors in the chalet with their little girl Iris, landed 7 fish, including a new pb for both if them , 50lb10 mirror for Jens and 41lb 8 for Isabel. Christophe and Jason were back again on swim 11, their 2nd of 3 trips this year! Jason beat Dad Christophe this time, 4 - 3 including 2 over 40 to 42lb but the biggest went to Dad with 2 at 46lb all on tigernuts at High Mill Lake. With 2 over 30lb to Johan Kruyt and Eric Vree on swim 10 the hot sun didnt beat them this week.
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