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Het laatste karpernieuws van High Mill Lake - 25 juni t/m 9 juli 2016

Het betaalwater High Mill Lake is, wat ons betreft, echt een 'verborgen parel' in ons pakket. Nog relatief weinig bevist door Nederlandse en Belgische visser, maar wat een bestand aan 15kg+ vissen. Andy & Tracey schrijven ons het volgende:
25 June - 2 July
Some nice fish for Steve Inns on swim 10, he was fishing Quest Bait's Rhaja Spice and our MTC Triple R Garlic over a small bed of particles about 80 yards out on a multi rig and Mainline Pop up. This produced 7 fish: 3 over 30lb, 42lb 2oz, 44lb 4oz and 44lb 8oz and an average of 37lb 12oz at High Mill Lake. Though as he was fishing on his own, he didn't take any photos.
2 - 9 July
Some glorious weather at last, though it was still fresh on some mornings, but great to see a warm dry spell. Spanish lads Eduardo Aranda and Sergio Ibero were up on swim 8 fishing tigernuts to various spots between the lillies and had 6 carp to 43lb, including 3 high 30's. Special mention though goes to Ruben, here with his Dad on swim 11, celebrating his 18th birthday. He was hoping for some nice fish as a souvenir of his birthday and he wasn't disappointed. Though the first of the big fish came when he was in the shower so Dad Marc had to land it. When Ruben got back to the swim he thought Marc was joking when he told him to hurry until he saw the fish in the net, a nice 42lb 4oz mirror on a tigernut. But more nice fish followed, also on tigernuts, including mirrors of 36lb 12oz and 45lb 8oz, until 17.45 on Thursday when he smashed his PB after landing a mirror of 52lb 9oz. Ruben was still excited about that one when he had a double run and Marc had to help him land his brace of 40s, both weighing in at 48lb 6oz. Truly a great session and a great way to celebrate his 18th birthday. In total 6 over 30lb, 5 over 40lb and & over 50lb to give an average for the week of 34lb 2oz at High Mill Lake.
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