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Het laatste karpernieuws van High Mill Lake - april & mei 2017

In elk van de voorgaande weken lag het gemiddeld gewicht van de vangsten op High Mill Lake ruim boven de 15kg. Kortom: dit is een echte big-fish bestemming! Niet gemakkelijk, maar met bijzonder zware vis en een hoog gemiddeld gewicht. Lees de onderstaande vangstverslagen maar een door en laat u verrassen!
15 - 22 April
A great start to the week last week with glorious sunshine and above average temperatures which left our anglers a bit scorched at the beginning if the week. Then the cold winds and frosty nights left everybody well wrapped up feeling like winter had returned. But with Pb's being smashed with practically every fish out they didnt mind too much. For our group of UK anglers, Ken Price, Jin Cadwallader and Daman Lee fishing pegs 10&11, they got off to a great start with new Pb's from their first run. A 36lb for Ken, 34lb for Damian and a 41 lb for Jim. So already pressure was off. Fishing scopex, pineapple or tutti boilies mainly, on chods, d-rigs and snowman rigs, they went on to land 22 fish between them including 8 over 40 and 2 over 50. their previous Pb's were low 30's so a great week for them all and we will see Ken and Damian again next year as they have already rebooked in the chalet with their wives for next June. in the chalet this week were William Wiegers and his wife Diane. Fishing krill boilies against the dam wall mainly they too had a memorable week with 11 fish, including 3 over 40 and a massive 57lb mirror. Another Pb for him, nice one William.
One of our regular French anglers, Jean Luc, was over on swim 8 for 5 nights, and he also had a great session. He was fishing garlic boilies and finished on 11 fish including 3 over 40 and a 53lb 4oz common.
So overall, 44 fish, of which 15 were over 40lb and 4 over 50lb giving an average of 38lb 11oz for the week.
22 - 29 April
What a bizarre week for weather! We had frost, freezing fog, sunshine, hailstones and even a snow flurry all in one day. There were 3 or 4 nights of sub zero temperatures and severe frosts, cold winds during the day following glorious sunshine at the start of the week. So this has made fishing difficult for some swims particularly those in deeper water. So the Hameerteman family in the chalet struggled, as did Hans Leerdammer on swim 10 and Cyril and Guillaume on swim 4. The guys on swim 11 though did well on pop ups finishing on 9 fish, all over 32lb to 48lb with an average of 41lb 12oz. These guys had to leave early on Friday morning so Guillaume and Cyril moved from swim 4 and were pleased they did as by the afternoon they had their first fish at 44lb which was followed by a 41lb mirror and 38lb common overnight to leave them with 3 fish in less than 24 hours.
Best swims of the week though has to be swim 8 for Darren and his Dad Jim who fished swim 7. Both lads had previous PB's of 20 odd pound so came with high expectations of beating them. First fish out for Jim smashed his, when a nice 45lb 7oz mirror couldn't resist the Hybrid boilies. Overjoyed at that, he wasn't prepared for the second fish early the following morning which was a cracking common at 51lb 14oz. Just what dreams are made of. Sunday was quiet but on Monday he had 2 fish 20 minutes apart, starting with a 36lb 12 followed by another dip in the water to photograph a mirror of 50lb 4oz (we insist all fish over 50lb are photographed in the water). Another 38lb and a 27lb left him on 6 fish and an average of 41lb 8oz and after Wednesday when the frost kicked in he saw no more action on his swim.
Son Darren on 8 also smashed his PB with the first fish of 35lb 8oz. His first 40 came the following day landing a 45lb mirror. He had fish everyday and finished on a total of 21, including 10 over 30 and 4 over 40lb to 48lb 9oz, so 14 fish over his previous PB. Though he had a few small fish they were all beautifully scaled.
overall average for the week was 36lb 8oz so nice one guys.
29 April - 6 May
This week 2 guys took advantage of our lake exclusive deal and had the whole lake to themselves for the week. Ian elected to fish swim 11 and Paul took swim 8. Paul Armfield joined them for a couple of nights and though Ian and Paul were going to cook for themselves, when they saw what we delivered over for Paul Armfield, they rapidly changed their minds and took the food package all week. They had a good week. Paul Armfield had a 39lb 12 before he left on Tuesday and the other boys finished on 12 fish, 7 over 30 and 5 over 40 including 2 at 47lb and a 48lb. Nice weather gave them a relaxing week and an average of 39lb. Happy days.
6 - 13 May
Mixed bag of weather again this week, thunderstorms, hail, sun, rain, we had it all. 6 anglers on for the whole week, 2 joined us at the beginning of the week for 2 nights, and 2 joined us for Friday night which we dont normally allow but how could we refuse Dan our former bailiff and his pal. Lovely to see Dan and catch up on his news.
The 2 guys on the chalet swim really struggled and despite trying everything, they went home empty handed. It does happen so bear that in mind when coming to France, there is no guarantees with your ferry ticket. But as so often happens, Dan and Grimsey, who jumped in on the chalet swim for the Friday night after the other guys went home in the morning, Grimsey pulled out a 52lb mirror within a couple of hours of putting rods out. The boys named this fish Grace after the recent birth of a beautiful baby girl to Andy Doyle and his wife so congratulations to you guys too.
The 2 boys who joined us at the beginning of the week for 2 nights on swim 2, Jason Walker and Shaun Duggan, over visiting family in the area, were very glad they took the last 2 days out to come fishing. They now have new PB's and all 3 of their fish were over 40lb, caught on our MTC Triple R Garlic boilies.
A newbie over on swim 6, Christian Endres, struggled at the beginning of the week. but came good in the end and finished with 3 fish to 46lb using garlic and fish boilies.
Back again for their 5th year I think? Eddie Sherry, Cathal Burns and Chris Johnson. On their normal swims of 8, 10 and 11. Chris had a bit of a disaster with his first fish, which just happened to be a 50lb mirror, when he tried to photograph it in the water from the weigh sling, balanced a little too far away on the unhooking mat and the fish slipped away as soon as the sling was unzipped. So a great video, which he may share here at a later date when his blushes have subsided, but sadly no photos. he did go on to net another 53lb mirror which we do have photos of, and 7 over 40lb to give him a total of 11 fish and an average of 43lb 7oz, all on Mainline Cell and snow man rigs. Awesome, well done to Chris.
Cathal also fished Mainline Cell and also had a great week. he finished on 8 fish, including 5 over 40 and topped off with a cool 54lb. His average was also over 40 at 42lb 4oz.
Eddie hadn't fared so well the last 2 trips so he was absolutely delighted that he smashed it this week. He was fishing with NI Baits TT13 popped up and finished on 16 fish, 8 over 40 and 2 over 50 beating his PB twice with a 52lb 8oz common followed by a 52lb 10oz mirror. Another average over 40 at 41lb 10oz.
So in total, 10 fish over 30lb, a STAGGERING 21 fish over 40lb and 6 over 50 to give an overall average of 42lb 4oz.
13 - 20 May
Spawning was clearly going on up the top end in between swims 8 and 11 at the beginning of the week, until heavy rain from Thursday stopped play. so there were few rewards for all the efforts this week and most of them coming from the top swims. Jo and Harley left swim 10 with only 1 fish, a mirror of 31lb. the same story for Damien and Ricardo in the chalet who had a mirror of 35lb and a pike on a boilie.
But 2 new PB's for Neil fishing swim 11 with Gary. after 2 pike succumbed to the cream seed pop ups, 3rd time lucky, the same pop ups produce a stunning mirror off the lilly pads towards swim 7, weighing in at 48lb 6oz. Neil was very happy with that, but he went on to land another stunner, this time on red venom and orange pop ups, which topped the last fish to break his PB again with a mirror of 52lb 8oz. the pair of them finished on 5 fish between them.
Over on swim 7 Steve was also doing well using boilies on a KD rig over a bed of particles which produced his first fish early on Sunday morning, a mirror of 42lb. Off to a good start already the pressure was off, but he needn't have worried as the same time the following morning, 2am, his second fish came in, another mirror at 51lb 10oz and a new PB for him. 2 more high thirties followed that but he saved the best till last, this time pop ups on a multi rig over a bed of particles catching another mirror of 56lb 2oz.
So overall, just 14 fish out all week, including 6 over 30lb, 2 over 40 and 3 over 50, giving an overall average of 36lb 2oz.
20 - 27 May
Cant believe we are this far into the season already, this year is going by so fast. The changeable wet weather continued through till Monday, turning hot from Tuesday and bringing the carp back into spawning towards the end of the week. So another quiet week for the anglers. We were pleased to welcome Ken Townley and his wife Carole to the chalet for their first visit and the first of their 2 week stay, though here really as a relaxing holiday for them both rather than a serious fishing trip. So he isn't fishing at night or much throughout the day, taking advantage of the beautiful weather to go site seeing. But he had a nice mirror at 43lb 14oz.
Return guests Cor and son Dave Zuidam here this time with Daves brother John and uncle Wim, they were fishing on swims 6-8. Fishing strawberry or tuna boilies in snowman rig their group had 9 fish including a new PB for Wim with a cracker at 51lb.
Fishing on swim 11 this week, father and son, Boret and Phillippe had a great week with new PBs for them too. First fish was a nice mirror of 43lb 12oz with a tiger nut on a chod rig. A scopex boilie on a snowman rig gave them a cracking common at 55lb 13oz, a new PB. So finishing on 8 fish their average rose to 41lb 2oz.
Overall there were 18 fish caught, 8 over 30lb, 5 over 40lb and 2 50's giving an average of 37lb 6oz.
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