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Het laatste karpernieuws van High Mill Lake - week 14 april t/m 28 mei 2016

De karpers groeien op High Mill Lake... en hoe! 2 prachtige weken op het water, met goede vangsten en hoge gemiddelde gewichten. Echt een water om in 't oog te houden! Andy & Tracey schrijven ons het volgende:
14-21 mei
6 anglers braved the less than seasonal weather again this week meaning still no sign of spawning. All but 1 of the anglers are regulars, always nice to see them and a few nice fish in the nets too. An explanation of the great video of Iain posted earlier is perhaps required at this point. He has been a few times and this time he brought his partner Diane and they fished swim 10. This swim had fished badly the week before but the first night produced a nice 41lb 5oz mirror on a tiger nut boilie at 120 yards. Changing then to pop ups he pulled out another 2 over 30lb a bit closer in at 60 yards, 1 common and 1 mirror. The next fish gave him his new pb when he landed a mirror at 49lb 15oz! Hence the dancing on the video. Finishing up with a pb grassy too at 39lb 10oz he was a very happy angler. Berny up on swim 11 was hoping to continue his success from last year and he wasnt disappointed either. He used a mixture of chod or blow back rigs with tiger nuts, pop ups, and boilies in garlic, tuna and octopex and landed 11 fish including 7 over 30lb and a massive mirror at 55lb. So a new pb for him too. Other swims were less productive but still saw 2 mirrors of 48lb, and 44lb among others.
So in total 12 over 30lb, 6 over 40lb and the 55lb, overall average 35lb at High Mill Lake.
21-28 mei
Another 6 anglers who nearly got washed away the first weekend with the heaviest rain we have ever seen. 50mm fell in under 24 hours leaving swims under water at the leading edge and forcing us to open a sluice gate, a real rarity at this time of the year. But they carried on regardless of course and produced some cracking fish and more new pb's for their efforts. A week for commons too with over 10 in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 53lb and even a 61lb 10oz. And yes new pb's too.
Jeff and Paul flew in and took advantage of the tackle hire package as they usually do and had their best week here yet. The Irish flags were certainly flying high all over their swim, and indeed the quad! Landing 19 fish from 28 runs on swim 8 on our MTC Triple R Garlic boilies, they had a great average of 32lb 10oz, a new Pb for Paul twice when he had a 42 then a 44lb 8oz, and for the 2nd year running Jeff had a fish over 50, this time a mirror at 52lb. Lee and Spence didnt do quite so well over on swim 10 but still landed 3 fish on tutti boilies on a snowman set up to produce mirrors of 41lb and 42lb and a stonking common of 53lb. Stars of the show this week though were Dennis and his dad, Rob, up on swim 11. They Fished a mixture of mulberry and Cell boilies and tiger nuts and finished with 22 fish, average of 38lb13oz, 7 commons to 61lb 10oz, and 15 mirrors to 59lb 6 oz.
Overall the average was 36lb 9oz, including 13 over 30lb, 14 over 40lb, 3 over 50lb and 1 at 61lb 10oz. What a week at High Mill Lake!
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