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Het laatste karpernieuws van High Mill Lake - week 18 juli t/m 15 augustus 2015

Drie mooie weken op High Mill Lake waarbij er zelf in de zomerperiode gewoon een gemiddeld gewicht van boven de 30 Engelse ponden wordt gevangen. Andy & Tracey schrijven ons het volgende:

18 - 25 July

The hot dry weather continues. Its been several years since we have seen such a glorious summer so we are trying not to complain too much. The 7 anglers struggled again with the fish still not getting their heads down really but did have 29 fish 41 runs. Again we do advise size 4 hooks and rigs between 20 and 30cm to combat the soft mouths and silty conditions and lots of patience. The hot summer months are not renown for being the best for fishing so its best to keep the expectations realistic and enjoy the setting away from the stresses of everyday life. Another nice mixture of familiar faces and new ones creating a lovely atmosphere at the BBQ. Peter and Anneleen have been a few times now so good to see them again on swim 11 and using his acquired knowledge of the swim he landed 6 nice fish, all but 1 over 30lb, to 38lb 11oz fishing tiger nuts to between 30 and 50m. New guys Alex and his girlfriend were on swim 10 and using Mainline Cell boilies on a blowback rig at only 35m he got off to a great start with his first fish at 44lb 10oz. He landed another 5 all over 30lb, again with blowback or chod rigs at 80 to 100m on a mixture of either Cell boilies or tigernuts to give him an average of 36lb 11oz so good angling Alex. We hadn't seen Michael for a few years so good to welcome him back again with Marcel who started their week on swims 5 and 6. They fished bloodworm and krill or spicy boilies and tigernuts on combi or D rigs and Michael landed 7 fish to 39lb. After 2 nights on swim 5 and 2 fish to 40lb Marcel moved up to 8 where he landed a further 5 fish, 3 over 30lb, to 39lb. With 2 fish for the chalet also that gave an overall average of 30lb 15oz at High Mill Lake this week.

25 July - 1 August

The 8 anglers this week had a better week with more runs though the fish are still not feeding hard. But 32 fish on the bank, 6 for the Blondeel family in the chalet including 2 over 40lb, 3 for rich on swim 6 including a 42lb on tigernuts on a blowback rig at 80m, and another 41lb for Piet on swim 9. Christophe and Jason, back for their 2nd of 3 trips here this year this time on swim 10, didn't beat the 2 50's they had on swim 11 in April. But did have 3 nice... 30's on strawberry and mulberry boilies on combi rigs at 50-90m. Hans and Marco had 7 fish on a mixture of pop ups, chods and zig rigs with various flavour boilies up on swim 11. Top rod this week went to Fabian whose smile in the photo says it all when he smashed his PB with a 54lb common, the best of his 11 fish caught with pineapple or Triple X boilies on KD rigs. So nice one Fabian. Overall average for the week at High Mill Lake was a little over 31lb.

1 - 8 August

A very hot week again made fishing very difficult again for our 5 anglers. 3 of them are regular visitors here, Steffan and Susi were back for their second trip of the year on swim 11 and their first of a 2 week session with their son Florian, and Klaus here also for the first of his 2 weeks on swim 8. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the rain that was forecast for later in the week hoping that it would motivate the carp to get their heads down as the week started very slow. But Klaus had a good start on the first night when his rod screamed off at 23.30 under a gorgeous full moon and he landed a 39lb mirror on tiger nuts. But after that nothing for 5 nights and then 2 runs within an hour produced a 36lb and a gorgeous 28lb with huge scales. He topped off the first week with a stunning linear carp at 26lb. Steffan and Florian were also fishing tiger nuts and landed 4 carp to 33lb. Michael's first trip here produced 6 fish for him on swim 6, also fishing tiger nuts and BBQ pop ups, and included 4 over 30 to 39lb and a 45lb 5oz so he was not disappointed. Mark and Paula were in the chalet for their first tie here and using blowback or KD rigs he landed 1 at 29lb and 2 over 30 to give an overall average for the week of 30lb 7oz at High Mill Lake.

8 - 15 August

At last some serious rain has fallen and the level of the lake has risen, not to normal levels but every little helps. Klaus decided to move to swim 1 for his second week, his reason was because 'it is nearer to the fridge'! Cold beers are in order for sure. He landed 4 carp on garlic boilies, 2 commons 33 and 36lb, a 28lb mirror and a 35lb leather. Mario in the chalet for the first of his 2 week session landed 2 to 35lb. So top rod this week goes to Florian with special help from Steffan who truly saved the day when, after playing the fish to the net, Florian was left speechless when the hook pulled. But with lightning quick reflexes Steffan managed to scoop the fish up in the net before it had a chance to make an escape. They had no idea until they came to lift it just how big it was, then they discovered it was a 51lb common. So team work brought Florian his new PB. That was the penultimate of 9 fish which included 5 over 30lb, so their luck really improved for the 2nd week. Overalll average for the week 32lb 4oz at High Mill Lake.
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