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Het laatste karpernieuws van High Mill Lake - week 2 t/m 9 april 2016

A special week this week at High Mill Lake for our guests for 2 reasons. Firstly of course we were very happy to welcome Steve and Joan Briggs to the chalet, now known as Joan's bivvy, and honeymoon couple Stuart and Claire Heather, here to celebrate their recent marriage. We also welcomed back Michael with his colleague Rene, his first time here with us.
Steve kicked it off with a scaly 31lb mirror from the chalet swim on Saturday afternoon so everyone was feeling very positive for the week ahead as the fish were clearly on the feed and into the Nash 4G Squid that Steve had to offer. But nobody could have imagined how well the honeymooners would do up on swim 11. Their fish all came out on Mainline Cell, the first at 2.00am to Stuart at only about 50yds out in front of the swim and it was a great start, a 47lb 14oz mirror. They had already decided to take turns on each run and Claire wasn't disappointed when the next run came 2 hours later from 80 yrds and she beat her previous PB with a 46lb mirror. Pressure well and truly off! Stuart lost the next fish at the rod tip but that was great news for Claire as the next run produced another PB for her with a massive 53lb 8oz mirror. She had wanted a photo of her in her wedding dress with a large fish but of course our rules now state that everything over 50lb has to be photographed n the water. They had opted to rent the large cabin we have up there so she dashed in to get her dress on whilst Stuart weighed the fish only to hear what all brides wish to hear on their honeymoon when Stuart shouted "Get you're dress off.....and put your waders on"!!!! The photo in the dress wold have to wait. Their run of good luck continued with another 2 over 40lb for Stuart and another 40 for Claire, also 8 over 30 to give them 15 fish and an average of 38lb 8oz. They did also manage to get a photo of Claire in her dress with a 37lb mirror and some lovely shots of them both with the lake in the background. We wish them all the happiness in the world and they have some wonderful memories of the honeymoon.
For Michael and Rene on swim 10 they also had some nice fish fishing Eddy Sterckx boilies, either sweet or tiger nut, in a snowman formation to about 100yds producing 4 fish between 29lb and 41lb 6oz and another stunning mirror at 51lb 4oz.
Joining us for a few days Jean Luc fished swim 4 with monster crab boilies and it proved irresistible on Friday afternoon to a cracking 57lb common, his first fish of the season that will be hard to beat.
Steve and Joan had a great week in the chalet, a real home from home for Joan who hardly came out all week, enjoying instead the luxury of a heated house with TV for a change. He landed 2 more carp on the Nash 4G squid including a lovely 35lb common. We all enjoyed a meal together in the conservatory on the Tuesday with Paul and Carmen Armfield of Armfield Angling, sharing a bottle of champagne to toast the newlyweds. Great company and a lot of laughs and a lovely evening for us all.
Overall average for the week at High Mill Lake was 38lb 5lb, with 3 over 50lb, 6 over 40lb and 12 over 30lb, so good angling guys.
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Al bijna 10 jaar boeken wij meerdere malen per jaar zowel privé met familie en vrienden, maar ook zakelijk voor onze (boilie)testsessies met teamleden en weekjes vissen met onze klanten via The Carp Specialist. Wij zijn daardoor op vele bestemmingen geweest in zowel Nederland, België, Frankrijk en Italië. Altijd is het perfect geregeld, of we nu 1 of 2 stekken boeken, een weekendje of een hele week een water exclusief afhuren, het is altijd goed georganiseerd door Bas en Jeroen en goed geregeld met de watereigenaren. Perfecte locaties, wateren met een mooi en groot visbestand en een grote keuze in water, bestand, faciliteiten en rij-afstanden, keuze genoeg! Omdat wij ook wel eens wat extra’s als we met een hele groep zijn er iets dan iets voor de hele groep 'geregeld' moet worden – BBQ of materiaal is een belletje met Bas of Jeroen voldoende. Het is ook fijn dat ze altijd gewoon te bereiken zijn of dat ze je op korte termijn even terugbellen. Ook voor advies en informatie vooraf, mbt het water waar je heen wilt staan ze altijd klaar. The Carp Specialist – 5 Stars of Quality!
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