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Het laatste karpernieuws van High Mill Lake - weken 6 september t/m 18 oktober 2014

Een prima najaar op High Mill Lake met behoorlijk goede vangsten en een uitstekende gastvrijheid van Andy & Tracey. Ze schrijven ons het volgende:
6-13 September
6 anglers this week. A good week for Tobi in the chalet who landed 4 fish between 37lb and 51lb 11oz (17kg and 23.5kg). Martijn and Gijs up on 11 had a good week too with 19 fish including 6 over 30lb (13.6kg+) and 4 over 40lb to 49lb 8oz (22.5kg). The guys on swim 8, Joep and Bas, finished their week on 18 fish including 6 over 30lb, 1 at a little over 40lb (18.5kg) and their biggest was a lovely common at 51lb 7oz (23.5kg). Mark and Linda had a quiet week on 6 with 2 fish at 28lb 10 and 35lb (13 and 16kg) but may be it was just as well as it was their honeymoon! Congratulations to them both. So overall there were 42 fish landed and the average for the week was 31lb 8oz or 14.3kg.
13-20 September
6 anglers again this week. After a poor start it came good for Craig Scott and Ryan on swims 6, 7 and 8 who lost 11 fish but landed 25 fish and new PBs all round. Their total included 11 30's and a new PB for Craig with a mirror at 48lb (21.8kg) Scott's new PB with a 47lb mirror (21.4kg) and Ryan's with a 41lb mirror (18.6kg). Marcel on swim 11 also had 2 40's amongst the 8 fish he landed on a snowman set up with rosehip boilies, along with 3 over 30lb. It was good to see Rob and Hans back again this time in the chalet and they had a 50lb common a mirror at 41lb and another at 38lb 8oz. So 36 fish overall with an average of 32lb or 14.5kg.
20-27 September
A really tricky week for the 5 anglers who landed only 11 fish. The biggest was 33lb 12oz for Mark on swim 8 who had 9 of the 11 fish. The overall average was down to 23lb 8oz.
27 September - 4 October
The 6 anglers really struggled to produce fish this week though the weather was unseasonably warm. We had a few guys that have been before so good to catch up with them but unfortunately they weren't able to reproduce the great results they had had in previous trips. Spence and Simon on 10 had only 3 carp, though all 30's to 37lb, and a 13lb sander on a tigernut! Rich was in the chalet this time and landed a 28lb and a 36lb mirror with 2 runs lost. There were also 3 lads here for the first time Arron Steve and Bob on swims 6 7 and 8. You may have already read the write up that Arron posted on the link below but in brief they had 18 runs, lost 8, but landed 4 over 30 to 39lb 10oz, which was a common for Steve on 8, and the biggest was a 46lb 2oz mirror for Arron on 7. So 26 fish out in total with an average of 32lb 6oz.
4-11 October
The weather really drew in and began to feel more like Autumn with some horrendous rain storms. The guys in the chalet this week were back for the 2nd time this year and who would have thought that when they were here for the first time ever at the beginning of last year they were complete novices. With some excellent tuition from Nigel over their last few sessions they had an amazing week, their first of 2 though for their 2nd week they are going up on swim 11. Christophe kicked off this session with a nice 35lb common so already a new PB for him. But he followed that with a whopping 50lb 6oz common. Just when he started coming down from that fish his wife Tamara landed a 48lb 6oz mirror then just a few hours later the rod went off again and it was another 48lb 6oz mirror. But it was too heavy for their son Jason to lift though he played the fish to the net. The boilies from rod Hutchinson, Mulberry and Florentine really did smash it for them this week and they finished with 15 carp including 4 over 30lb and an average of 32lb and a stunning pike. What will next week bring them!
11-18 October
Summer returned this week with temperatures reaching 27 degrees, and some glorious sunshine, wonderful weather for the 10 anglers on the lake. Eric, Bas, Erwin and Wouter were spread out from swims 4 to 8 and had 12 fish between them, the biggest coming out of swim 4 for Erwin with a 46lb mirror. Their total also included 4 over 30lb all on a mixture of mulberry boilies (kindly donated by Christophe) and tigernuts. The chalet also produced some nice fish, 8 from 14 runs, on coconut, strawberry and banana boilies, including 5 over 30lb, and mirrors of 40lb 11oz, 49lb 8oz and 51lb 11oz. So how did Christophe and the family do on swim 11? Well the Rod Hutchinson Mulberry and Florentine did the business again with another 15 fish between 22lb and 39lb, top angling Christophe! So overall, 34 fish from 44 runs and an average of 32lb 11oz.
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