Het nieuwe karperseizoen op Ribière!

Geplaatst door Bas van Klaveren op 16-02-2017

Dat Ribière één van onze echte big-fish bestemmingen is weten we allemaal! Met het nieuwe 2017-seizoen voor de deur heeft de nieuwe watereigenaar David de tijd genomen om enkele praktische tips & weetjes op te schrijven, die wellicht zeer interessant voor u kunnen zijn! Vanuit The Carp Specialist kunnen we het water absoluut aanraden voor de echte big-fish hunter, door de grote populariteit is het wel zaak om er erg vroeg bij te zijn en ver vooruit te reserveren. David schrijft ons het volgende:

The Carp Specialist - Karpervisvakanties op betaalwater Ribière!

With only three weeks to go to the start of the season I am getting excited about what 2017 may bring. So this month's newsletter tries to give you a little more of an in-depth look at what Ribière has to offer - both now and over the next few years. I have put together my thoughts on where we are aiming to take the venue and our aspirations for the fish stock and facilities moving forward. In addition, I have taken a look at some of our big fish so that you are clear on what very big fish we have between 55lb/23kg and 80lb+/36kg+. The A Team is a growing group of big fish that I am hoping we will add to again this year.  If you like your scaly fish, then take a little look at the feature I have put together on them. With The Big Lyn going on a growth spurt last year who knows what we may get this year?


New Rules

Please make sure you are up-to-date with our rules. They are on the website and I have tried to keep them sensible. The main changes this year are:

  • no nuts of any kind
  • no maggots
  • photograph all fish in the water
  • no leaders


Winter Work

This year we have spent another 30,000€ on improving the angling experience. You will see a major difference in the shower and toilet block, improved swims for 1,2 and 7, power available on pegs 1-7 and a face lift across our range of accommodation. So please ensure you give your feedback as we want to continue to improve your experience here at Ribière.

The Carp Specialist - Karpervisvakanties op betaalwater Ribière!

Ribière - the Future

Here are our aspirations for Ribière and our strategy and plans for keeping it as one of the best venues in Europe. 

Some of you who know me will know that I am very target driven. I have always been that way. In business and in my sporting life, I like to set a target and work towards it. For Ribière my ambitions and targets lie in three main areas:

  • To ensure Ribière stays at the forefront of big carp angling in Europe
  • To ensure that we give our anglers an authentic fishing experience
  • To ensure we maximise the potential of our fish
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