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Sessieverslag Kevin Keil - Karpervissen in Frankrijk op Domaine des Iles - 6 - 12 November 2014

The first time I fished at DDI was back in august 2014. Me and a friend of mine had been fishing another complex about an hour away from DDI. We were really disappointed with the venue and how it was run, there were snags all over the lake bed and lilys in your swim which made it very hard to pin down the lines etc, we had several big fish that got snagged and couldn’t even do anything for fish safety. There wasn’t even a boat there! The complex manager wasn’t even bothered with these problems, and coming from where i had learnt my angling skills, knowledge etc this was a major issue for me, i fished Wanstead park as a boy and had the upmost respect for carp safety, condition etc.
When we packing up the gear i had a gut feeling i should contact the owner of DDI (Bernard) to see if he would let us do a quick over nighter before we jumped on the ferry back to England. I spoke with Bernard and he said no problem, so we set off to DDI. On arrival we pulled up at his gate and was greeted with a warm welcome from Bernard himself and his lovely wife. He then took me and my friend on a tour of the lakes, and when we got to the lakeside and see the main lake me and my friend literally looked at each other and said wow! This is what exactly we are looking for. The lakes were mature, beautiful and just had that big fish feel good factor about it, Bernard took us to our allocated swim and gave us advice on were to put our baits, he’s been there 50 odd years so make sure you listen to his advice. We had 3 catfish that night to 54lb. We packed up and said our goodbyes. As soon as i left i was trying to figure out when i could get back over there for a proper session, Any way i took a friend with me in October for 7 nights and fished swims 14-18 for 3 nights and had 8 carp to 51lb and 12 cats to 69lb, we then moved to swims 19-22 for 4 nights and had 7 carp to 39lb and 13 catfish to 64lb and lost one, (hook pull) my friends pb belive it or not was 9lb before this, i knew that i could manage him and help him along his way, he left DDI with a PB catfish of 69lb and a stunning mirror carp of 36lb 4oz.
Then came the session me and gary are fishing as i write this! Gary also learned his trade over Wanstead park so i was looking forward to putting our expertise into action on the main lake at DDI and see what we could acheive We arrived on the 7th of November and picked swims 14-18 as we have the whole lake to ourselves. I Always keep a diary of my catches,weights,wind directions etc BUT this was not to be the case. Within 40 minutes of putting out the first rod i had a screaming run hooking into a lovely mirror of 40lb that first night we banked 18 carp to 41lb (3 rods each) it was absolutely mental and we was cream crackered, this continued for 3 nights losing count after 23 carp and 2 bream, Gary had a lovely big common of 51lb we had 35 plus carp i had 2 mirrors just over 40lb and a georgous leather of 41lb, we had hit it right off from the start and inevitably the action ceased and the fish spooked, we moved to swims 19-22 and have had over 18 carp to 41lb and catfish to 62lb, couldn’t belive the catfish were still feeding but we wasn’t gonna moan considering the syndicate waters we both fish and have fished back in England when catching a known carp or two a year is considered a ‘good season’ we are making the most of the good times. we have 3 nights left and may move swims again as we’ve spooked the majority of carp away as expected. On this trip we’ve had numerous double takes and even a treble take resulting in being some real nice chunks side by side in the cradles. Hopefully we will hit into the 50’s and 60’s before we go, doesn’t matter if we don’t of course as we’ve had a cracking session.
DDI is certainly not an easy lake but you have a realistic chance of catching a whopper or two and if you use knowledge and skills and raw instincts you can hit it right off like we have done so far.
The owners land (Bernard) is fenced off and safe and sound from visitors, public etc There are sheltered benches in every swim with electric (240v 3 pin, uk,and eu connections and even a fridge freezer! ) really tranquil,peacefull envoironment, the town Ham isn’t far away at all (7-8 minute drive) with everything you’ll need, supermarket, tobacco shops and even a macdonalds! Oh and of course there is a clean toilet in every swim! The shower block behind the cabin swim is clean and has a constant flow of hot water, there is also a private washroom and toilet there too. Ive read on a few forums that Bernard is just after money and can be ignorant, believe me the man does not need the money and is a diamond of a bloke anything less i wouldn’t be fishing here myself.
The venue is absolute perfect. The fish are real chunks and fight hard. Everything you want from a venue is right here. Just respect Bernard’s land and most importantly the fish and you’ll do well.
Also make sure you bring a couple of spare nets!
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