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Sessieverslag Peter & Simon Verrinder op Domaine des Iles - Main Lake!

Zo'n paar keer per jaar worden we bij The Carp Specialist echt verrast door een vangstenverslag... en toen we het verslag van de Engelse karpervissers Peter & Simon Verrinder binnenkregen was 't weer zover: wat een ongelooflijke sessie! Onderstaand het verslag van hun memorabele vissessie vanaf stek 14/15 op het Domaine des Iles - Main Lake:
Bonjour Bernard & Bas,
Once again thank you for yet another trip to Domaine Des Iles. It left both my dad Peter and I feeling more worn out than when we left... but that is fishing sometimes! On arrival at Domaine des Iles the scene was set for yet another interesting experience. As experienced anglers who have been fishing in France for many years and who have previously been to the venue on 9 different occasions both Peter and I agreed on one simple objective for our trip: 'Catch one fish'. There is nothing worse than a blank week, as we know from previous French experiences at other venues.
As we had half expected before we arrived, it was mission complete within 10 minutes of setting up. Peter caught two 20lb grasscarp to 28lb, much to the displeasure of myself, his son, who was eager to catch more than his dad on this trip. The first 48 hours flew past and by 13:00 on Sunday both Peter and myself had managed to land 23 fish.
14 Grass Carp which included six of them being over 35lb,
6 Mirror Carp which included three fish over 30lb with a biggest of 35lb 04oz
1 Common which stretched the scales to 32lb
2 Catfish of 34lb and 37lb also came in the first 48 hours of fishing
We totalled 11 fish with weights in excess of 30lb in 48 hours.
Remember this is only 13:00 on Sunday.
The fish kept coming and it would appear they had become more competitive over the free offerings making them easier and easier to catch. By Tuesday at 13:00 when we looked at our records of fish caught. Between Peter and I, we had landed another 20 fish taking our total to 43 fish in 4 days. That is not to mention some of the whackers which were lost at range (most probably big catfish as we are aware that they grow in excess of 100lb). At this time we were exhausted but enjoying the action. As we have learned in the past the carp tend to go off the feed for spells especially if they have been hammered in the same spots. Nevertheless we had taken:
22 Grass Carp with the biggest reaching now 36lb 12oz
10 Mirror Carp with an old Domaine fish reaching 36lb 2oz
4 Common Carp which had all given a fantastic fight to 32lb
7 Catfish with a monster 49lb 03oz for Peter thrown in as well
This took our total to 19 fish with weights 30lb +
As the week went on the fishing did not stop, so we made ourselves a target of 50 fish by the end of the week, a figure which seemed realistic. By Thursday at 13:00 we had smashed through 50 and were well on our way to catching 60 fish. Despite our knowledge of the lake the fish did not stop coming and still with 20 hours of fishing left we had managed to land ourselves 58 fish. One of the best weeks fishing we had ever known at DDI!
31 Grass Carp, 15 Mirror Carp, 5 Common Carp and still 7 Catfish however the Catfish had appeared to have gone off the feed on Tuesday.
We were astonished by the week we had already however the last 20 hours were set to turn our astonishing week into an unforgettable one! In less than 20 hours between both Peter and I we managed to land 14 more fish bringing a final total to 72 fish for the week, this included 35 fish with weights in excess of 20lb, 31 fish with weights in excess of 30lb,
37 Grass Carp to 36lb 7oz
21 Mirror Carp 36lb 2oz
6 Common Carp to 32lb 1oz
8 Catfish to 49lb 3oz
Although I did not manage to catch more fish than my dad Peter, I still managed a reasonable contribution of 34 fish making this trip to DDI the fishing trip of my life! We left Domaine des Iles in very high spirits, booking our trip for next year before we left. We look forward to returning where hopefully we will catch a fish of a life time!
Once again many thanks to Bernard and Odile for their hospitality! See you next year!
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