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Visverslag karpervissen in Noord-Frankrijk op Domaine des Iles - Back Lake!

Aan de waterkant ontstaan vaak mooie vriendschappen... zo ook tussen onze Duitse gast Heiko en Engelse gast David. Dit voorjaar bevisten zijn het Back Lake op Domaine des Iles. Onderstaand een kort verslagje over hun geslaagde sessie op het Back Lake:
Sitting on the banks of the Ebro with our guide and good friend Heiko Winter we have relayed many a story about Domaine des iles over the past 8 years and finally we have managed to complete a session together this last weekend gone. We managed to time a trip with Heikos return to Germany and we met up at the Lodge on the Back Lake at Domaine des iles very late on the Wednesday night. Heiko had already managed to get the rods out for 3 hours before we arrived and had managed to have a couple of takes on the shallows and as we pulled up we were greeted with his alarms ringing, which turned out to be a welcome twenty pound mirror. We had a quick glass of wine and went straight to bed ready to get our rods ready for the next afternoon. We were treated to a lovely lunch with Bernard and Odile, as always, and returned to the swim ready to get the rods out before dark. During the night Heiko had 2 twenty pound carp and Paul managed a 42lb mirror in freezing conditions.
In the morning the sun woke up and melted the ice that had formed around the edges, and we were greeted with a very pleasently surprising warm day. We were expecting the carp to start moving over the shallows but we were probably a week too early as the carp had not really woken up from their winter slumber just yet, but Heiko was rewarded with a lovely 32LB common carp before the sun went down.
During the night Heiko caught a few more carp and many bream, the bream appear to be following him :) and Paul then decided to get on the act with the bream, which later were pushed out by the grass carp. After a few grass carp up to mid twenties the sun disapeared again to a quiet night. The fish swung back into life at first light with some more twenties to Heiko and myself, all looking stunning in the winter sunshine. As I type, before me and Paul head off back to the UK to work we are hoping for a last gasp fish, but Heiko will be staying for a few days, so we are wishing him luck. Heiko has said that Domaine des iles is a special place in the world, and he has been fishing all over the world. He hopes to be back in the warmer weather to see it in its summer glory, but for now he has had a fantastic few days in its early season state.
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